06 julio 2010

Ming Imperial Font: Tattoo Trouble

I must confess that the Ming Imperial design, I worked with actual Chinese characters and glyphs, namely the imminent ambiguity that can occur when you write something with the imperial Ming Font, and you show a Latin text that appears in Chinese, but still I do not know for sure at what level might mean something in Chinese "by accident"
I would say 75% min imperial contains Chinese characters or glyphs.
Now I must be clear that if you want to get a tattoo with the Font, I can not make me responsible for what you get tattoo to mean something more, this warning is for tattoo artists and customers.

I had not thought so since I received an email with this question. So anyway, I apologize.

Why is not the same one used in web, printing on fabric or paper ... that tattoo anything on the skin.
Since a tattoo is forever, and we must be very careful.
So if you think anyway make a tattoo with the Imperial Ming font, ask someone to speak and write in Chinese to avoid ambiguity.

I have that Chinese culture is very vast and very interesting.

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