12 febrero 2012

In use: Drink Me E-book

"Project Profile: Cover design using Romance Fatal for a sensual collection of romantic poetry PoetessB, the author, resides in the eastern part of the United States. She is a self-proclaimed, incurable romantic who is haunted by passion at almost every corner she turns. Though her writing borders on erotic and perhaps esoteric at times, her wish is to sweep people away with her words of whimsy and romance in a powerful, sophisticated way. She desires nothing better than this: for her readers to find themselves enthralled by Drink Me, a delicious collection of poetry that leaves them longing for more, like the lingering taste of a decadent dessert.
Myra Falisz, who designed the cover, is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S. She is an intuitive, versatile artist who is most enthusiastic when discovering connections that help re-imagine a framework and reveal a story. She enjoys new interpretations of old materials, forms and images. She has an unbending curiosity for the interplay of color, pattern and texture, and the energetic surprises they create. Her artistic language melds ideas across multiple disciplines and time periods for a richer experience. The two women enjoy collaborating on creative projects.
 They selected Juan Casco's Romance Fatal typeface because of its varying serifs and their lifelike extensions. Myra found the letter forms to be both edgy and energetic, which she felt echoed the style of PoetessB. She immediately knew that she would make the words embrace one another, as if Drink becomes the magnetic attraction for Me.
These interlaced forms also helped inspire and refine the river of kissing silhouettes that extend from the letters, creating a cohesive bridge between the book's title and cover illustration. Both she and PoetessB truly embraced the spirit of Romance Fatal and the way it signals the passion running through this sensual collection of poetry. A poem from the collection: THIRST PoetessB Through all you speak, you touch my essence I hold your words in perfect crystal swirling, smelling every droplet as I take them into my parched mouth. I swish them softly back and forth and let them rest upon my tongue then swallow gently, each one separate I drink your words to feed my soul. Don't nourish me for love's sweet sake if you cannot your word dare keep for my depleted body quencheth its endless "raging thirst for you.

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